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Digital Transformation 2016 for Insurance: Max Bupa is the trendsetter

Posted on December 28, 2016
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We're at the end of a phenomenal year! A year that's been a trendsetter for many reasons. One such was a sharper focus on customer engagement, wider adoption of marketing technology and investments in innovative strategies globally. While almost every leading brand has been increasing its attention within digital space, 2016 saw a host of Insurance brands try and take giant strides towards growing their digital share of business. Insurers worldwide tried using marketing technology to engage and convert customers digitally and Max Bupa has been one of the fore-runners to adopt a direct-to-digital-consumer approach. 

In an interview with Economic Times, Anika Agarwal who's the SVP & Head, Marketing, Digital and Direct Sales, Max Bupa says "Traffic to a brand's website is the primary pre-requisite before we even talk about conversions and revenue".

One big chunk of Max Bupa's strategy for 2016 was to bring in new users to its website. While there are several tried and working methods to drive traffic to any website, Max Bupa was focussed on getting relevant new users to visit their website. 

Max Bupa Vizury Economic Times Insurance Marketing Digital

Refraining from blanket bombing, Max Bupa adopted an ROI-centric approach that would help them engage relevant users and drive them to Max Bupa's website. Using online behavior attributes to build personas for their existing website users, Max Bupa was able to identify common attributes. With "look-alike" user targeting across Display and Facebook, Max Bupa has been successfully driving high-intent users to its website. Read the full article here.

Today insurance customers' expectations have been largely influenced by their digital experiences with online brands from other verticals such as travel and hospitality. And insurers must provide an uber-like experience to its customers in the digital world. Clearly the need for a focussed and hyper-personalized customer engagement strategy is going to be critical this year.

We at Vizury, are proud to be Max Bupa's digital growth partners and we look forward to connecting you digitally with more customers this 2017. 


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