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Ecommerce Marketing in 2017 - 5 Brilliant Ways to Increase Loyal Customers

Posted on December 16, 2016
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It’s that time of the year when we take stock of what went by and anticipate what’s to come in the next year. And while you get busy with your marketing plan for Q1, here are 5 unbeatable Ecommerce marketing strategies that will help you grow loyal customers and stay ahead of competition all through 2017.

1) Hyper-personalized content: Personalization is not new to E-Commerce marketers. In fact, the last couple of years have seen an increased inclination among digital marketers to use personalization while trying to win customers. But during 2017 improving customer experience, simplifying interactions and enhancing brand relevance will become critical and hyper-personalized marketing will shift to a whole new level. Use Artificial Intelligence to build customer engagements, fine-tune recommendations, dynamic creatives. With hyper-personalized messages humanize brand - customer interactions and build an emotional connect.

2) Explore new online marketing channels: Marketers will leave no stone unturned or rather no channel untried in 2017. But there’s going to be a shift in the way marketers choose engagement channels this year. Emphasis will be on channels that allow rich user experience and also empower users to pick and choose whom they subscribe to hear from. From tried and tested emails to opt-in based push notifications sent from mobiles, explore channels that help you build engagements effectively while achieving their ROI goals. Use new channels like Browser Push Notifications to offer a mobile-like brand experience for website users as well.

3) User life cycle based triggers make their way in, blanket messaging on its way out:

Push Notifications ECommerce Vizury

2017 will see online brands strengthening their customer engagement strategies. This will include introducing life cycle based marketing engagements. Behavioral intelligence will be used to detect a user’s stage in the purchase cycle and communication will be triggered to influence him to move forward in the buying cycle. Instances like product page drop off, category page drop off, x days of inactivity, price drop alerts etc will be critical trigger points. Focus on mapping the stages of customer lifecycle and executing 1:1 marketing campaigns to grow conversions and loyalty.

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4) Voice of the customer to be used to improve experience in real-time: As the number of channels available to customers keep growing, brands will focus on converting more and more touch-points across the journey into listening posts. Unifying customer data across touch-points and using the captured information to improve accuracy and also update customer journey in real-time are something that your brand must get ready for.

5) As mobile grows stronger cross channel sync becomes critical: Cross-channel sync is going to be important for your brand this year for 2 reasons. Mobile grows stronger as a sales channel but desktop stays. Which means your customers are going to be more and more cross-device. And second, your customers expect personalized and relevant brand engagements that simplifies their online shopping experience. So while they continue to flit from one device to another, they expect a seamless and uninterrupted conversation with your brand. Your recommendations and offers must be unified across ads, emails, notifications, call center and any other touch point that the customer chooses to connect with you.

It’s all about the customer, it’s always been this way. And as your audience begins to scatter across channels and devices, it calls for a close-knit cross-channel marketing recipe with all the right ingredients  - a whole lot of mobile, a pinch of personalization, some new channels to get that new flavour and most importantly an engaging marketing strategy that is able to connect with humans. Go ahead and win some more hearts this year, have an awesome 2017.


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