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How 'incomplete' digital marketing technology is keeping marketers busy for no value

Posted on December 06, 2016
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When I was young, I would enjoy riding my bicycle for hours. One day I observed a mechanic repair my bicycle. Thereafter I would almost daily spend some time on getting something or else fixed in the bike by myself, whether it was needed or not. I found myself enjoying the fixing more than riding. Let me blame the additional knowledge and curiosity I grew subconsciously in technical aspects of the bike for that.

I find this quite analogical to how some of the best known digital marketing technologies today are keeping us super busy in technicalities, more than driving real business performance.

Some of these are not fully fit or technically complete to be part of enterprise digital ecosystem to yield the desired results. While business is expecting real performance and results to flow in (like yesterday) there are some passionate individuals super-busy in “something” digital for quite some time while others, especially their competition may have already started reaping benefits of perfect digital marketing execution.

What is this "something"? What do the functionally incomplete technologies do subconsciously to the digital experts? Yes, these technologies make us all busy making it work for business somehow OR busy doing it the other way round.

With the very nature of exotic-ness, digital enablers capture our imagination and curiosity. We start growing our interest and term it as "Knowledge" to know about its incompleteness. Some might even call it as being their baby, isn’t it a pure passion?

Incomplete digital technologies demand that we know them inside out. To a passionate human mind, a challenge is a challenge. He or she would work on it with utmost honesty and great hard work. We might even pick up the battle of making it work for us. It’s just some one’s incomplete job. We often advocate a pseudo personal growth in working on getting this stuff to finally work for us.

The day would come when someone really external to the whole digital mess realizes that all of this was happening at the cost of real business. And the pyramid of all the effort would collapse.

To so many capability questions about technologies, that have direct performance impact in digital marketing, the common answer is “Yes, we know this and we can do it with our digital systems” and to the next question, “Why are you not doing it, already?” the response is a deep silence.

The more I deal in digital marketing for enterprises, I feel that having to know/ work less in depth about technology is much better for razor sharp ability to stick to business performance metrics in digital.

This starts with selecting a matured digital marketing ecosystem that has demonstrated performance and does not need it's own fixing to come at the cost of business that adopts it.

Next in this series, I shall further qualify the terms "Incomplete", "Selection" and "Matured ecosystem".

Meanwhile, don't hesitate to write to vishal.c@vizury.com with any questions or thoughts you might have.

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